Maggie and Mette - DKLPCH (DKobCH)

Annette and Embla - OB winner of the year class 2. 2009

Amber, new pictures from 13. February

Dette er Amber. Vores nye hund fra Skotland.

Fanny - photo Åsa Eriksson


Hvalpe i sneen, 25. feb. 2007

Puppies, 3 weeks old.

Kenzie with pups


Fanny has been mated 4. December.  We are expecting pups around 5. February 2011. See more under litters.
What a weekend we just passed. Lot of new stuff has happend.
Annette and Embla became obedience dog of the year 2009 in class 2. 4,5 point from no. 2. They got 216,5 of 220 point. Good for you.
Mette and Maggie became Danish Obedience Champions. Big congrats on the fine result.
Brian and
Bess got some very good runs in the herding trial and ended up with 52, 56, 67 and 79 points in the last run and got the title HYRDPR1. Huge congrats
Fanny had her 2. run in international class (class 3) and also did very well. She got 48, 52, 73 and last 79 point and won her title HYRDPR3.
What a weekend to remember.
Amber - New pictures of her.
5/1 2009
Amber - our new sheepdog from Sctland. She came in december. The first pictures of her.
New pictures of Fanny and her pups
Fanny has given birth to 6 puppies. 3 males og 3 bitches. Se the beautifull puppies.
Fanny have been to the photografher. Åsa Eriksson has taken a lot of beautiful pictures of her. Thank you Åsa for the lovely photos. They were much needed!
Fanny has been mated. We expect puppies in week 10.
Also se Fannys very fine result from the New Year trial in Sdr. Felding, where we became 3rd.
30/10 G-litter Will be 5 years today! Congrats to Gila, Geysir and Dina. Time just passes fast.
29/10 Kenzie became Danish Obedience Champion 27. October. She even won the class. Big congrats to Ditte and Kenzie.
Kida has now moved til AG class 3
25/10 Lots of new things have happened. Surf around the pages. Many have been updated. Yes, it is about time!
Fanny has been hip scored. New pictures.
Rex has been hip scored
Embla won best pup at the border collie event 2007.
Misty - new pictures
Puppyplans updated.
15/3 New pictures of Kenzies pups. See them here
13/3 K-klitter turns 3 years today. Congrats
12/3 Fanny has been DNA tested "normal" for CEA/CH
Rex has been DNA tested "carrier" for CEA/CH
Kida is doing very well in agility and jumping. She is now in class 2 in both.
25/2 New pics of Kenzies pups in the snow. See them
23/2 Front page has been opdated with new pictures of current dogs.
The page with our dogs is updated
Cinnas page has changed and been updated with new pictures from Bjerring Foto.
Our new bitch Fanny has goet her own page
15/2 Kahn has been Hipscored with A
13/2 New pictures of Kenzies pups. 4 weeks old. See them here
9/2 New pics of Kenzies pups. See them here: and here
Puppies have got names
Congrats to the M-litter. They turn 1 year today
16/1 Kenzie has early tuesday morning got her pups. She got 6 pups in total. See pics and info here.