Border Top's Gila on Hammeren, Bornholm

border collie - border top's J-kuld. Foto: Jeppe Alkærsig

J-litter met in Herning, 6. November 2004

Old news

18/11 Kenzie has been mated to Cap. Unfortunately we had to find a new male in the last minute, because Duke could not fullfill the Danish rules for breeding.
We have made a new page about Cap and you can also find him on the litter page.
30/10 Gila, Geysir, Ginger and Dina turns 4 years today. Happy birthday.
29/10 Kenzie have passed obedience class 3 and won the class. Congrats to Ditte and Kenzie.
28/10 7 month male looking for a new home due to special reasons.  Contact us for further informations.
11/10 C-litter turns 8 years of age today. Congrats

4/10 We have found the male for the mating with Kenzie. See him here. See the mating here.
13/9 Gila went 4th at Danish Championship in obedience in class 3. Very well done to Ditte and Gila.
21/8 Kahn has got his own page.
Lille Maggie has got her own page.
Cinna has been to sheepdog trials. Results and photos have been added.
Gila went 2nd i obedience class 3 at the annual championship. Congrats to Ditte and Gila
Kida runs agility and has allready gotten marks in both AG1 and SP1 Congrats to Kim and Kida.
Zorro won open class males. See new photos.
New pictures of Rex
Laine has turned 10 years. New photo added.
New photos of Jordan
31/7 Finally we got around to make some long needed updates. They will follow...
First we would like to present our newest addition, Rex
18/4 New pictures of Jay-jay, Zorro, Gila, Kenzie, Choice and Smilla.
Jewels pups have gotten their own site.
Jay-jay is hip scored with A
Zorro is hip scored with B
Gila is hip scored with C
5/3 Congrats to the K-litter - 2 years today.
5/3 Congrats to the F-litter turning 5 years today.
3/3 Tillykke til F-kuldet der runder de 5 år i dag.
17/2 Big congrats to my very first litter. The A-litter becomes 10 years today. Hip hip hurray!
14/2 Now also Speedy have got her own site.
Choice became club champion at a show saturday
6/2 New pictures of Chivas
Now also Luna have got her own site.
5/2 B-litter have 8 year birthday. Congrats!
31/1 Kenzie has been hip scored with A
2/1 Jewel has been mated to Tino. Puppies expected in week 7. Have a look here
29/11 Zia has also been hip-scored with A.
21/11 Kida have gotten her own page.
Raffi, Tosh's son has become Danish obedience champion. Congrats to Tom. New picture of Raffi.
New pictures ofJordan
Choice have been digging the garden, but she stille looks like a million.
13/11 Tino has passed the danish herding trial. He earned the "HYRDPR" title.
We have received the hip-scores on Cinna and Jewel. Jubii, they are both A.
6/11 Choice wins BOS In Herning. Congrats.
30/10 Kenzie has passed obedience class 2 with 193 points.
Gila has passed obedience class 3 for the 3. time with 258,5 points and earned the Danish Obedience Champion title.
Congrats to Ditte and Christian with the results with both Kenzie and Gila.
Gila, Geysir, Ginger and Dina turns 3 years today. Happy birthday.
10/10 Choice wins BOB in Rostock, Germany. Huge congrats.
3/10 More updates:
Kenzie at an obedience trial
Bjässe new photo
Jordan and Chivas gets their own pages
28/9 A lot of updates have been made. Among others:
Choice becomes BOB at the annual Border Collie event 2005
Bjässe becomes BOS at the annual Border Collie event 2005
Smilla and Lucca have gotten their own page.
Congrats to all with the good results.
20/9 Cinna and Tosh have both been tested for CL and both came back "normal".
27/7 Gila has passed obedience class 3 for the 2. time
Kengu is qualified to the Danish obedience championships in class 2
Big congrats to both of you.
3/7 Tino got his cc on Bornholm and became Danish Show champion.
Gila went 2. best female
Kenzie won junior class and went 4. best bitch.
21/6 New portraits of the pups here.
16/6 See the new pics. of the pups here.
29/5 The Border Top kids on Bornholm, had a good day in obedience yesterday.
Gila got 1st price in obedience class 3
Kenzie got 2nd price in obedience class 1, mostly due to heat and getting into season.
Kengu got 1st price in obedience class 2
Big congrats with the fine results.
28/5 See the new pics. of the pups here.
21/5 Choice got BOS at the show in Stestrup. Total of 60 entries. The highest number of entries ever.
Cinna was placed 2nd best junior bitch. 12 entries
Maggi became best veteran and 2nd best champion.
Faun, Geysir, Star, Tosh, and Kelly is DNA testet clear for CEA. All our dogs are now tested or genetically free.
Laine is DNA testet "carrier" for CEA.
Brian and Isa got their obedience class 2 title. Congrats!
Puppysite updated with pedigree.
13/5 Faun have had 5 pups 12. May. See the first pics. of the pups here.
28/4 New pics of Tino working sheep
Choice is hipscored with "A" - excelllent.
Pictures from puppy meeting updated
Dina and Sarko has got their own page.
New pics of Zorro
15/3 Cinna is DNA testet clear for CEA. Hurray!
New pics of Tino
New pics of Choice
Pictures from meeting with G-kuld and K-kuld
13/3 K-litter turns 1 year today. How time fly.
7/3 Faun has been mated to Tino. Puppies expected 9. May
6/3 K-litter and G-litter met. We had a cake or two celebrating the K-litter birthday 1 week later.
5/3 F-litter turns 4 years today. Big hurray to all.
18/2 Tino has arrived. See him on his own page.
17/2 A-litter turns 9 years today. Big congrats.
14/2 The male for Fauns has been found. See him under litters.

Tosh offsprings is updated.
New pictures of Bjässe
New offspring: Vicki has her own page.
12/2 We had quite a good day at the international show in Fredericia today. All our entered dogs and offsprings made it to the best sex class.
Tosh won championclass and went 2. best male and reserve CACIB.
Geysir went 3. best male.
Jay-jay won best junior and 4. best male.

Choice won 2. best champion and 2. best bitch and got reserve CACIB.
Zia won best junior and 3. best bitch. She also got her first CC. Congrats to Gitte and Jeppe.
Jewel won 2. best junior and WP.
5/2 B-litter turns 7 years today. Big congrats.
3/2 Bjässe in Germany, is DNA testet for CEA at Optigen. He is tested clear. Huge congrats.
25/1 New pictures of Choice
Tosh offsprings is updated.
19/1 2 new sites with offsprings:
The litters page has been updated. 
5/1 New pics from Bornholm of: Kenzie
2/1 Happy new year to all.
Almost all the pages have had a run over, so they appear more alike, and we have added some new pages too. Safe trip around the pages.
17/12 Choice has passed obedience class 1 this evening. Congrats to Mette and Choice.
14/12 New champion pictures of Choice taken in Sweden.
Tosh page is updated with his offsprings.
New page about our sheep and the sheepsog training we have.
4/12 Choice has today become DKCH. Huge congrats. See the new pics taken today.
30/11 New pics from Bornholm of:
25/11 Happy birthday to Zia, Jay-jay og Jewel. One year today. New picture of Jay-jay
A lot new sites from offsprings:

Choice got 154 point in obedience class 1 at an unofficial obedience trail. Congrats.
Zia went best intermediate at an unofficial show.
14/11 Isa and Brian has passed obendience class 1. Congrats.
Geysir has gotten his hip-score. It is B (fair)
1/11 Zia has passed obedience class 1 yesterday. We congratulate Gitte and Jeppe.
30/10 2 year birthday for the G-litter. Congrats to Gila, Ginger, Dina and Geysir. See G-kuld
2/10 Some new offsprings has come. See offsprings
29/9 J-kuldet is updated and Jay-Jay has got his own page.
Gila has been out on a huge flock of sheep. See new pics.
New pic of Zia.
27/9 Faun has been to a herding trial and got 50 and 61 point.
23/9 New herding pics of Gila and Kenzie
16/9 Zia has got her page
15/9 Kenzie best pup in show
Geysir BOB in Sofiero, Sweden
New pics of Bjässe
Gila passed obedience class 2 - congrats
2/8 News from Bjässe in Germany.
New page with Kenzie